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Wrongful Convictions Book

Journal of Forsenic Science

The Journal of Forensic Sciences has published my comprehensive study, Wrongful convictions and claims of false or misleading forensic evidence I examined 732 wrongful convictions classified by the National Registry of Exonerations as being associated with “False or Misleading Forensic Evidence.” I hope this paper will help the criminal justice system use forensic evidence more effectively and reliably to prevent wrongful convictions and promote public safety.

Wrongful Convictions and Forensic Science Errors Textbook  Edition 1 2023 by Dr. John Morgan

Forensic Science Errors and Wrongful Convictions: Case Studies and Root Causes provides a rigorous and detailed examination of two key issues: the continuing problem of wrongful convictions and the role of forensic science in these miscarriages of justice. This comprehensive textbook covers the full breadth of the topic. It looks at each type of evidence, historical factors, system issues, organizational factors, and individual examiners. 

Wrongful convictions may provide useful insights to guide the effective and reliable use of forensic evidence and scientific expertise in criminal proceedings. We provide a database of wrongful convictions and other miscarriages of justice related to forensic evidence here. The database includes analysis of forensic science examinations in wrongful convictions, including the 732 cases included in this article in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Sign-up to receive an alert when the database is available.

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